"Man I have been kicking myself in the butt since you left. I should have done this when you first mentioned how fast and smooth Linux was. This Linux PC that you built is out of this world."
  ~ Paul Kapcin - Photographer

“Mike has done a number of projects for my company and his work has always been impeccable, on time and extremely creative and I have found his integrity beyond reproach. I have no problem recommending him for any position in the IT community.”
  ~ Rich Hays - President, CEO, the Rich Hays Group

“I've worked with Mike on several IT projects. Mike is a highly skilled IT professional and has a focus on constant improvement. Mike is excellent at seeing the end result first and developing strategic plans to achieve the end result. He is very creative and action oriented. Mike has sound management skills and can build teams that deliver results.”
  ~ Tim Worley - Account Manager, Reynolds & Reynolds

“It is so nice when you work with someone that is so well versed in their job. Mike was that and more! He really organized the IT department and the security set-ups and systems he put in place were state of the art. If I ever needed help with an IT Department I would want Mike there!”
  ~ Greg Harding - Director of Operations, Victory Automotive Group

“Michael is one of a handful of people I've met and worked with through the years that will find a way to accomplish any task he is charged to complete. His is self taught when required, and always self motivated. His integrity throughout the years makes Michael an individual that I gladly recommend.”
  ~ David Whitt - President, CEO, Wireless Data Systems, Inc.

His concern to get a problem resolved quickly and thoroughly was paramount. This coupled with his network intelligence makes Michael a valuable asset to any company."
  ~ Bob Paniagua - Manager of IT Service Managment, AutoNation

“He was always a reliable teammate who knew how much the sale hung on trustworthy answers. We (in the field) all breathed easier knowing Mike was on the project.
  ~ Jack Bowdle - Sales Executive, LXE, Inc.

I would like to find out more I want to find out more.

a posse ad esse ~ from possibility to actuality.