Internet Web Design 

If you want to grow your business and be actively involved with your audience, let's talk about separating yourself from the crowd, improve performance and position using the 24 X 7 power of the Internet.

Lets quit the buzz words such as; 'Search Engine Optimization, Page Rank, Hub and Authority or something that refers to algorithms, I'm here for you. My development ideas focus on your content not impressive technical talk.

It's astounding how many web pages are on the Internet. If your business is to thrive among the millions, you need me to assist you with engaging content. I work for people interested in achieving and believing they can grow.
 I work with you to help expand your Internet presence  
  • Identify market strengths
  • Outline and highlight your message
  • Phrase and engage your audience
  • Link your message to the market
  • Select your social communication tools
  • Train staff to effectively use social media
  • Follow up with staff using these tools

 Why Select a Web Design Professional? 

You've seen the advertisements for do it yourself web sites. Use their design ideas and pictures with a few of your well chosen words and voila! You now have a professional looking web site, right?

Two things which immediately stand out; 

It takes time to learn and be good at anything you do. There are a lot of choices and ideas which work and there are quite a few more that don't. Furthermore, those of us who have learned and earned our way through the process of good design have also gained significant knowledge on good web promotion. Let's face facts, there are a lot of ways to get attention and some aren't as effective as others. There's more to good web design than cookie cutter product. I've paid my dues and I'm willing to share that knowledge.

What is the user experience when they come to your web site? Going to a web site is more than looking at words and pictures. Your message must be clear and attractive to help promote your goals. I can help you do that.

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I've worked as a professional systems programmer, educator, analyst, network engineer and manager. I work with clients in activities related to computer services including networking, unified communications, Internet & web design. I have over 30 years combined professional and educational experience.

SkillfullDesign is the solution when . .
  • You are looking to avoid complex solutions for simple problems.
  • You want up to date solutions with products fully tested in the field.
  • You want results that focus on function and work within time and budget.
  • You want to spend time on worthwhile projects that generate value.
'I focus on results with Total Cost of Ownership in mind.'

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